Nothing is better than tapping

Do you know about the latest sensation that is keeping everyone glued to their mobile phones? A straightforward game, yet heavily addictive, Bitcoin by Ketchapp is the all-new exciting sensation, which everyone should try once. The game was released pretty recently in December 2017, and soon after the release, Bitcoin became an all-time favorite for most people who like to spend time tapping their mobile phones. This game requires no skillsets whatsoever. The only rule of this game is to tap on the bitcoins that you see flying on your mobile screen and collect them to become the king of Bitcoin by Ketchapp. That’s literally it! Honestly, that’s all you need to do. Once you download the game, you can immediately start playing the game. If the name bitcoin confuses you with the real bitcoins, then let us clear the air for you. The bitcoins you will be collecting are virtual.

Since bitcoin is a very popular digital money, there is no way that game developers won’t think about designing a game based on this term. So, there it is, Bitcoin by Ketchapp happened. To download the game, you can go to Play Store or App Store; it is available for both Android and iPhone users. The game has score 4.5 stars in the Play Store, and looking at its star rating; we can guess that it is indeed popular among users. The easy to play game can be played whenever you are feeling bored.

Let’s take a look at the overview now.

Game’s name: Bitcoin

Developer: Ketchapp

App Store rating: 4.5 stars

Number of downloads and ratter: 1885

Date of release: 8th December 2017

What is this game about?

Bitcoin by Ketchapp is a very simple and straightforward tapping game. If you have played other tapping games before, it is like that only. The only difference is this game doesn’t have any stages to level up. The game wants the player to keep scoring high and high. There is nothing much to do other than collecting as many bitcoins as possible. There will be tons of bitcoins flying all over your screen, so all you got to do is tap them to capture the bitcoins and score as high as possible. If you want, you can go for an in-app purchase. The highest upgrade will allow you to increase your count quickly. Well, we recommend the in-app purchase to only those who are competitive and like to earn more bitcoins. Imagine becoming a billionaire; the only difference is, you will become rich virtually only. There will be some ads popping up, too; even these ads can enable you to score higher. Ads are free to watch, so go for them.

Rules of Bitcoin by Ketchapp

The rules are straightforward to follow. And there is just one rule that you need to keep an eye on. You need to tap and nothing else. The more you are good at tapping, the higher your score will be. The first step to get started with is to download the game either on the App Store or Play Store. Depending on whatever phone you have, you can search for the game and download it. The game becomes the perfect friend when you have nothing else to do. You can start playing bitcoin when you are traveling in a bus or train to kill time. Once you begin collecting bitcoins, the pace of the game will increase as well. So, your fingers will go through a lot of exercises. Make sure that all of your five fingers are in use. The best way to play this game is to hold your phone with both hands, and start tapping with both of your thumbs. Else, if you are at home, you can place your mobile phone on a flat surface, use all the fingers and quickly start grabbing the bitcoins. Sounds simple, well, it is even simpler to play.

You are going to have endless hours of nonsense fun

Any game that allows you to score higher gives you an adrenaline rush, Bitcoin by Ketchapp gives you a similar feeling. You will tap the mobile phone’s screen endlessly, and you won’t even realize how many hours you have already spent playing the game. It is that addictive. Keep tapping on the bitcoins and keep collecting them, and you will soon become the billionaire.

How to download the game?

The rule for both Android and iPhone are the same. Let’s explain the steps in detail.

Android users

For Android users, go to the Play Store and type in Bitcoin by Ketchapp. Once you see the app, hit the “Download” option. The download will finish in a matter of a few seconds if you have high-speed internet. Let the installation happen. After everything is done, you can click on the game’s icon and start playing it.

Apple Users

If you have an iPhone, you need to go to the App Store and look for Bitcoin by Ketchapp. Follow the same process as Android, and once the installation is finished, you will see the icon on your phone. Click on it to start playing the game.

Is Bitcoin by Ketchapp safe?

Oh, yes! Bitcoin by Ketchapp is a fun game to play, and it 100% safe. Ketchapp is a famous app developer, and they have made sure that the game is secure for everyone to download. Hence, don’t worry about the safety of this game.

Our verdict

We think that Bitcoin by Ketchapp is a fun and quite addictive game. The game is mindless because you don’t have to use your brains at all. The game doesn’t have any strategies, and neither you need to plan to play the game. Just go on and download the application right away to start playing it. Don’t forget that your fingers will be under a lot of pressure, therefore, give it some break from time to time. Go to the Play Store or App Store and download Bitcoin by Ketchapp now!

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